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  • Which Persona 3 Version Should You Play?

    Which Persona 3 Version Should You Play?

    I recently covered the difference between the Persona 4 version (click here to see it). But there are multiple versions of Persona 3, which can make the decision to play the game more challenging. Here is a breakdown of the differences. Persona 3 Persona 3 is the base game that was released on the Sony…

  • We Need To Talk About Persona 4: Golden It’s Amazing

    Let me introduce you to Persona 4: Golden. A game series like no other. Where students live dual lives. A normal student during the day. And a warrior at night fighting to protect the little town from a mysterious force. A Golden Setting Persona 4: Golden takes place in a town called Inaba. You move…

  • Persona 6 Wishlist, 5 Things I Would Love to See!

    With still no news of Persona 6. Here is my Persona 6 wishlist of things I hope to see in the next instalment of the Persona series. If you have any ideas, please leave them in the comments to start a discussion. 1. Main Character with a Personality The main complaint I have with the…

  • Why Persona Anime Is a Charming Watch for Fans of The Game

    Did you know there are many Persona Anime Series? I’m watching Persona 4: The Golden Animation. Which is a carbon copy of the game. Except the main character has a personality and a voice! It was difficult to find out if any of the streaming services included any of the Persona Animes. So here is…

  • PS VITA Best 5 Games

    The Sony PS Vita was a great console plagued with a few issues. Unlike its predecessor (PSP) it did not get wide recognition for its performance and was largely forgotten. At the time of its release, I was commuting to work at least an hour a day. So my main opportunity to play games was…

  • Top 10 Hand-held Games You Need to Play

    Top 10 Hand-held Games You Need to Play

    When commuting, I want to pass the time away with a video game on a dedicated handheld console. Here I have listed my top ten and also what makes them perfect.

  • Persona 3 Portable, Why it is a Fun Game?

    Persona 3 Portable, Why it is a Fun Game?

    Persona 3, developed by Atlus is a JRPG. It has a turn-based combat system during the night. During the day you spend your day socialising with other students.