Why Persona Anime Is a Charming Watch for Fans of The Game

Did you know there are many Persona Anime Series? I’m watching Persona 4: The Golden Animation. Which is a carbon copy of the game. Except the main character has a personality and a voice! It was difficult to find out if any of the streaming services included any of the Persona Animes. So here is a list of the animes and where they can be streamed. Only one of the anime cannot be streamed and will require a purchase.

Where to Watch Persona Anime Series for the 3rd Game?

None of the streaming services available in the UK streams the 3rd Anime. Your only option is to buy the DVD from Amazon or eBay. As of writing Persona 3: The Movie is currently £8.99. (Click here for a review of the game) It isn’t streaming on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

Your only option is to buy the DVD from Amazon or eBay

The anime style follows the video game style. But the animation quality is very high. It was not what I would expect from Persona 3 since it wasn’t popular in the West.

The synopsis of the movie can be found below:

High school student Makoto Yuki arrives sees a strange phenomenon grips a city-shutting down all forms of technology and causing humans to become encased in coffins.


Where to Watch Persona 4: The Golden Animation?

In the UK, you can watch Persona 4 The Golden Animation for free on Crunchyroll with ads. For a small price, you can watch the series ad-free. It isn’t streaming on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

The animation quality of the anime is fantastic. The story follows the game but moves the timeline around to make it more interesting and flow better. It is also interesting to see what choices the main character makes that you may not agree with.

I would recommend playing the game first before watching the anime. Unless you have no interest in the game.

Beware the anime has English subtitles and is currently not available in English dub.

Persona 4 Anime Trailer

The synopsis of the series can be found below:

The story revolves around Yu Narukami, a young teenager who moves to the town of Inaba, where a mysterious string of murders is taking place. Upon discovering a distorted TV World and acquiring a mysterious power known as “Persona”, Yu and his friends decide to investigate the murders and save others from being killed.


Where to Watch Persona 5 Anime?

Persona 5 Animation Box Art
Persona 5 Animation Box Art

Like Persona 3, Persona 5 is only available to stream on Crunchyroll. And unfortunately, it is not dubbed. It isn’t streaming on Netflix or Amazon Prime Video.

From the reviews on the website, you should not watch this before playing the game.

There are also a lot of comments on the pacing of the anime. The studio has tried to cram a very long game into a series.

Follows Ren Amamiya and a rebellious group of teenagers in Tokyo who form the Phantom Thieves of Hearts to rebel against the corruption and slavery in society.


Should You Buy Any of the Persona Series Anime?

Persona 4 and 5 are both available for free on legal streaming platforms. It isn’t easy to justify buying the box sets. There are only two reasons I can think of buying them:

  • You are a collector and want the nice box sets.
  • You don’t want to rely on a streaming platform that may stop showing the series.

I would love to have a collection of all the merchandise. But, I have no room to spare to place them. Plus I have a little one who may end up ruining it.

So what Persona Series Anime are you interested in watching? Or are you more looking forward to Persona 6?