PS VITA Best 5 Games

The Sony PS Vita was a great console plagued with a few issues. Unlike its predecessor (PSP) it did not get wide recognition for its performance and was largely forgotten.

At the time of its release, I was commuting to work at least an hour a day. So my main opportunity to play games was via a handheld. I managed to get a discount using my place of work’s discount schemes and I was ready to play. Here are the PS VITA best 5 Games I recommend you pick up when using this handheld.

5. Need for Speed: Most Wanted

PS VITA Best Games 5. Need for Speed Most Wanted

There are a number of games called Need for Speed: Most Wanted, but the one on the PS Vita was perfect. Lots of collecting cars by finding them rather than buying them. The handling of the game was perfect and was an enjoyable experience.

One of Need for Speed’s features is that you could connect to its network and compare your times/scores and other achievements against your friends. Which was a great way to entice you to just one more race. Luckily it was easy to pick up and play. Though it was harder to put down.

There isn’t a better racing game on either the PSP or PS Vita to play. It has the best single-player campaign on both systems and the wide range of vehicles makes it very fun to play.

4. Metal Gear Solid HD Collection

PS VITA Best Games 4. Metal Gear Solid

Another entry into the PS VITA best 5 Games is Metal Gear Solid HD Collection. This includes both the second and third instalments of the series. With upgraded graphics in one complete package. Unfortunately for PS Vita users, this doesn’t include Peace Walker.

Metal Gear Solid 2, though the weakest in the series, sets up the rest of the Metal Gear Universe with the introduction to the true enemy. Realizing you’ve been fighting for the wrong side changes the world forever and makes it far more interesting.

Not only has the environment changed, but the gameplay also saw some updates. The enemies are smarter and work together to bring down Snake/Raiden. Using almost all their senses to try and find them,

Metal Gear Solid 3 is the diamond in this collection. The story, the environment, and the characters were the best in the whole series. And finding out what happens to the characters after the events of 3 is heart-wrenching.

Rather than be dropped right into enemy territory, Snake is dropped into the wilderness. Having to feed off the land while sneaking around enemies. While also having to treat any injuries that Snake may have.

Seeing Snake interact with the characters and there are hints of him wanting to leave the army. This comes to a head at the end of the game.

For more news on the Metal Gear Solid series click here.

3. Uncharted: Golden Abyss

PS VITA Best Games 3. Uncharted Golden Abyss

The Uncharted series has been a great success for Sony. It has even received a live-action film which has been received very well. Uncharted follows the adventures of Nathan Drake. An adventurer out to solve the mystery of the World and make plenty of profit off of it.

Golden Abyss takes place before Drakes Fortune. With a younger Nathan Drake on one of his first adventures. And just like his other adventures he is double-crossed and is forced to figure out the mystery of Panama’s deaths.

The story isn’t the best. But where this game really shines is through the implementation of the PS Vita controls. Instead of using the standard buttons. Players can drag their fingers across the ledges that they want Drake to climb on and he will follow the instructions. It’s a very cool feature that I preferred using over the normal controls. If only they could implement this on the console versions.

Thanks to its added features and utilising the PS Vita special controls, Uncharted Golden Abyss makes it way into my PS Vita best games.

2. Persona 4: Golden

PS VITA Best Games 2 Persona 4: Golden

I’m not going to go into too much detail with Persona 4 Golden as I want to do a full review in the coming weeks. But this is the game I spent the most hours on.

The game starts with the Blue Velvet Room, a mysterious place (Which looks like the inside of a limo) between worlds where you are told that a mystery will unfold that you will need to solve. Your character wakes from this on the train. You move in to live with your Uncle and Niece while your parents work in the city.

Murders start happening in the quiet little town in quick succession, and your character is thrust into it to figure out what is happening. They discover a world inside a TV. Where you do battle using Personas (Similar to Pokemon) in a turn-based system.

The combat system is unique as there are many ways to get the advantage such as knocking enemies down using their weaknesses. Your party members can either be controlled by you or by giving them an overall order such as defend or use no Skill points.

With the 25th anniversary, there is no better time to start playing the series. And this is the best version of the game so this is why its made its way to my Sony PS VITA Best Games

1. Final Fantasy X/X-2

PS VITA Best Games 1. Final Fantasy X

There is only one game that in my opinion that can beat Persona 4: Golden. Final Fantasy X. I’ve reviewed it before here. But it has such a vibrant world. Spira, which is where the game is located, is a vast area with many different cultures and people. With some clashing due to their beliefs.

The main character is a man out of his own time. Finds out that his home was destroyed by Sin. A huge monster that is said to punish people for using machina (machines).

The new Spira is controlled by a religion called Yevon. That forbids machina, but also provides powers to individuals called Summoners. The main character, Tidus, meets a Summoner called Yuna and instantly falls for her. He becomes her guardian and together with a rag-tag of other guardians goes on a pilgrimage to defeat Sin.

The combat is also turn-based and is probably the best implementation of the system in any instalment of Final Fantasy. And Yuna can summon beings to help fight for you. Which can be very helpful in a tight spot.

Final Fantasy X-2 follows 2 years after the events of X. The nostalgia of going back to Spira is an amazing feeling. Especially seeing how the characters get on after the loss they endured.

It’s not quite as good as X but is worth playing if you enjoyed Final Fantasy 10.

Final Fantasy X on its own would have secured a place in this Sony PS VITA Best Games list, but combining both games feels like a nice added bonus.

Gone Too Soon

So here are my PS VITA best 5 Games. It is sad that it didn’t garner the popularity that the PSP had. There were so many opportunities for it to compete with the 3DS. But Sony dropped the ball with this one.

I’m currently going through the process of completing my PlayStation Vita backlog, I’m looking forward to adding more to my favourites list

So what are your favorite titles? Are there any I missed?

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