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Why Final Fantasy 10 Deserves a Great Prequel

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Final Fantasy 10 is my favorite Final Fantasy title of all time. It is also in my top five games of all time (click here for my review). I loved the characters, the setting, and the gameplay. When Final Fantasy 10 got a re-release with FFX-2 bundled with it, there were hints of a potential sequel. Nothing has come of it since. But I believe a prequel would be a better option.

Why Not a Final Fantasy 10 Sequel?

Final Fantasy X - Jecht
Jecht, Tidus’s dad

At the end of FFX-2, the good ending brings back a vital character. At this point, the party from FFX had gone through so much that they deserved a final happy ending. Yuna is losing the one she loves. Auron was sent to the Farplane, and Spira was finally safe from Sin and other major threats. It would feel very cheap to give them a new enemy.

Spira has a lot of history. A prequel could focus on Yuna’s dad’s pilgrimage. Knowing that it is a doomed adventure could make it more interesting. Especially with Jecht (Tidus’ dad), who is very similar to his son, And wants to protect his friends. It could also shed light on how Jecht really treated his son from Jecht’s own perspective.

Only one other Final Fantasy game received a prequel, and that was Final Fantasy 7: Crisis Core. Final Fantasy 7 also received plenty of sequel content in the form of a film. I believe Final Fantasy 10 deserves the same treatment. Especially considering how fleshed out the characters are.

Other Prequel Ideas

Another idea for a prequel to Final Fantasy 10 is a compilation of historical events. There were many High Summoners and many more failed Summoners. It would be interesting to see them through different points of their journey, especially when they are confronted with the Final Aeon.

Poor Auron.

Switching between time periods and decreasing the amount of time between switches as the further they are along their pilgrimage would result in an increased urgency. The only issue being is that with JRPGs the characters would have to level up on their own without your intervention. It would also limit end-game content.


Way before the events of Final Fantasy 10, there was the war between Zanarkand and Bevelle that ended with the creation of Sin. You could play as the antagonist of FFX-2 and see Zanarkand in its golden era. Learn why the war started. Fight the battles as a Summoner, again it may be a doomed adventure or maybe the beginnings of the Al-Bhed.

It would be interesting to see how much technology has regressed since the events of the Summoner War. How technically advanced was Spira during its Golden Age? Did they get as far as space travel? If they had, could you imagine being stranded in space once Zanarkand and Bevelle went dark?

The Aeons

Anima, one of the hidden aeons, has an interesting backstory. They have a very close link with Seymour and are his only summons. But what of the other Aeons? What stories do they have? As a Fayth is normally created by sacrificing their life to create these strong beings,

It would also answer the question of where these beings originated from before Sin. How did they know how to summon in the first place? Who was the first Aeon? Each Aeon could be its own chapter in the FInal Fantasy X prequel.

The First Pilgrimage

This one may ruin the intrigue and mystery of Spira. But it would be interesting to find out how they discovered a way to beat Sin. Was it the Fayth that provided the knowledge, or was it Yu Yevon himself who wanted to be continually reborn? Maybe even discover what happens during the Calm to Sin. Also, did Sin always appear as it did in FFX? Or did it change depending on the Final Aeon? This would explain why Jecht’s Sin is water-based, as he was a Blitzball player.

Other People’s Ideas

I saw this post on Quora, where the poster also agreed that it would be interesting to go back to Jecht’s years as a guardian of Braska. There are a lot of posts out there that support either going back to the war that created Sin or to Braska’s pilgrimage.

So What if there is a Final Fantasy 10 Sequel?

By the end of Final Fantasy 10-2, Spira is now united working together in rough Harmony. With Yuna and the remainder of her party helping to guide Spira along. A conflict would have to be from an external source. As far as we know Spira is the whole planet. But there is nothing stopping Square Enix to expand upon and introduce a new landmass that will have its own culture and the only reason it had never been found was due to Sin.

It would be interesting especially if the new World was far more invested in machina etc. That they never had a great war and or Summoners.

In the FFX/X-2 remastered edition, there was an audio clip of the events after FFX-2. Yuna and Tidus are no longer together, so there could be a rift developing between them. Which turns into a violent feud. But this wouldn’t feel right, and Spira has already gone through internal struggles.

We Can Only Hope

Regardless of whether it happens, I would love to return to the characters in some form or the other. Even if it was just a Blitzball game. But if done wrong it could ruin the series and plenty of series have been ruined by a bad sequel.

Do you think there should be a prequel or sequel? Have you played either title? What other games deserve one or more sequels/prequels? What’s your favourite Final Fantasy game?