Fallout New Vegas 2

Fallout New Vegas 2 Wishlist

Fallout New Vegas was a great RPG. Developed by Obsidian Entertainment and published by Bethesda. Obsidian took the framework from Fallout 3 and it improved the RPG elements. It took me a while to complete, but I enjoyed the experience none the less. So if the stars aligned and Obsidian were given the IP to develop a New Vegas 2. What would I want it to look like?

Back to the Strip

The obvious location for New Vegas 2 is back to the Mojave Wasteland. Set ten years after the events of New Vegas. Ideally, the player would choose who won the last battle of Hoover dam. But this would limit the depth of the game. So instead Mr House wins, and the player character would be the offspring of the courier.

During the 10 year gap, the NCR integrates the legion into their ranks. Creating a terrible hybrid. With the organisation of the NCR, combined with the barbaric practices of the Legion. Believing the Courier is Mr House, the NCCR (New California Caesars Republic) send an assassin to kill them. They succeed and barely being in your teens, you escape with the help of the real Mr House. He uses his Securitons to smuggle you out of the strip and drops you off at Goodsprings.

Believing the Courier is Mr House, the NCCR (New California Caesars Republic) send an assassin to kill them

It could be a great revenge story. As your character travels the wastes putting down any NCCR patrols you see. Obsidian could borrow the settlement building aspect from Fallout 4, but limit it to Goodsprings. The player can then focus on one settlement to make a bastion for all that oppose NCCR.

The ending would have you decide the fate of the Mojave wasteland again. Will you submit to the NCCR. Or follow your birthright and rule the Strip. Restoring Mr House, and give your parents the burial they deserve.

Welcome to Miami

Or we can swap the Strip for the sunny beaches of Miami. Obviously, since the nuclear fallout. New Vegas 2 could have you washed up on one of its many beaches. With no memory of who you are. Vault dwellers rescue you. They prep you for the wastelands. And send you on your way. Hoping that something in the Floridian Wasteland triggers one of your memories (spoilers you’re not from the USA).

Fallout New Vegas 2 - Miami
Photo by Antonio Cuellar: https://www.pexels.com/photo/aerial-view-of-city-buildings-near-body-of-water-4366062/

As you wonder towards the biggest settlement in Miami. People from different settlements will ask for your help. Saying that they recognise you from somewhere but they can’t put their finger on where. Once you complete their quests, they will give you an item or code that may relate to who you are as a person. The item will differ depending on the outcome of the quest. With the best outcome, resulting in an item that causes you to have flashbacks.

Check out this Fallout New Vegas Build

There are many tribes in this area. Including nuclear surfers who love nothing more than to surf the waves even during nuclear storms. The Florida persons, vault dwellers that were brought up on everything that a Florida man does. Of course, there is always the organised tribe, like the NCR/Minute men. Who try to make life better for everyone. And finally, the Darwin Twins. A tribe led by two siblings who claim the name Darwin. Just like the Synth, they aim to be the evolution of man. By mixing fiends, super mutants and humans together to create the next stage of human evolution. Without a care for the damages, it causes.

The Darwin twins’ hear of your plight. And offer to restore your memories, in exchange for your services.

Leave the USA

Fallout and the USA go hand in hand. Many of Fallout’s personality stems from being based in the USA. But it would be interesting to see their take on other countries. Imagine that all the news you heard about other countries was faked.

The rest of the World uses the opportunity to grow without the involvement of America. Depending on which country the game starts in. Preferably countries that are closest to America. There would be factions trying to stop communication with America. Each would have their own reasons. Some will see USA as a threat, while others don’t want another cold/nuclear war.

Whatever the case, it would be an interesting take on the Fallout formula. Which may be too risky for Bethesda to pull off. But Obsidian may not be so risk averse.

There is also a mod coming out called Fallout London which may be worth checking out:

Fallout New Vegas 2 - London

New Vegas 2

There is no news that New Vegas 2 will ever be made. But it’s good to hope. In the meantime, we can sink hundreds of hours into the original and even Fallout London.