Medieval Dynasty 2

Top 5 Must Haves for Medieval Dynasty 2

Medieval Dynasty 2 has yet to be announced. But for us lovers of the first outing would love to see some new features should it ever happen. As well as some changes to the story etc. Here are my Top 5 Must Haves for Medieval Dynasty 2.

Denser World

The valley of Medieval Dynasty is sparse. With villages and hamlets dotted around. Medieval Dynasty 2 should create a denser world. With a city and many towns. Each with their own architecture and customs. Taking one look at a village will tell you exactly where you are without having to look on a map.

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Not only does there need to be more settlements, but the amount of people in the world needs to greatly increase. They should no longer be tied to the settlements but go on their own travels and adventures. This way the world will feel much alive. As well as being able to buy and sell goods without having to go to the larger settlements.

Diverse Culture

Each settlement should belong to one culture or even a combination of cultures. Walking through a settlement and seeing the different architecture should be a great way to implicitly see the history of said settlement. With cities encompassing many different cultures, including long-dead ones.

Medieval Dynasty 2 - Bigger Settlements

With certain cultures prioritising different needs, such as some will be more warmongering. While others are great builders focusing on creating great landmarks to stand the test of time.

Difficulty Changes the Story

In Medieval Dynasty 2, should you opt for the difficulty equal to or lower than Normal the world should be relatively peaceful. You’re just a future mayor on his way to build his own settlement and have free reign of where they can build their own village if it does not impede other settlements.

While Hard difficulty and up, you get the true canon story. You’re an unfavoured son of Medieval Dynasty from the first game. Sent to this land to rebuild a village and stronghold. With the expectation that wolves or war will kill you before you have a chance to succeed. Instead of being able to choose where you setup shop. You are limited to a former village which you must tear down and rebuild into a great settlement. The story ends once you’ve become world renowned and earnt the respect of your father.

Customise Your Character

In Medieval Dynasty you had no option to customise your character. In the sequel we should be able to. We should be able to determine the character’s gender, and this should have consequences in the world. While Medieval Dynasty 2 doesn’t have to be historically accurate where the women’s life was much harder. It could alter specific aspects of the game such as marriage and responsibilities.

Medieval Dynasty 2 - Village

The creation process should be relatively limited to what was available during the Medieval times. Hair dye was possible but was not prevalent so having natural coloured hair would be a must. But having the option would increase the fun factor, and if other people commented on it would greatly expand the fun.

Living World

Other settlements in Medieval Dynasty were static. Unlike the player’s settlement which would continue to grow or even shrink. Having cities, towns, and other settlement expand on their own in a realistic rate would make the world feel more lived in. Also, if the economy takes a nosedive the living conditions should suffer. The settlements should then reduce in size due to the population leaving or dying out. It could open the doors to sabotaging surrounding settlements so that you can possess their land or the other way round.

Following on from a livelier world, you should see more travellers on the road peddling their wares. Or moving to another settlement which has better living conditions.

Another aspect could be that the NPCs interact with one another. They may leave mention events happening in the world which you can capitalise on, such as shortages and bountiful settlements. Even adding raiders would make the world feel like an ever-evolving environment. Which could lead to raising an army to protect your settlement.


These are just some of my Top 5 Wishes for Medieval Dynasty 2. What are yours? Leave a reply to the below Tweet and I may mention it on a future blog post. I’m keeping an eye out on news for the next game, but some of these features could be implemented in the current game via updates or DLC.