Preview Terra Nil - Cover

Preview: Terra Nil

If you are anything like me, you love Cities: Skylines. But after playing it for 6+ years I need something new to scratch that city-building itch. So how about Terra Nil, where you do the exact opposite?

Terra Nil is developed by Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital. Free Lives previously released the fantastic Bro Force. So this is quite a departure from that game.


Instead of building a city for us humans. Why not try to destroy all traces of us and create habitats for the animals? In the demo, you are given a small taste of the game. Where you are given a wasteland and tasked to make it green again.

After making the area green, you then need to create three distinct biomes, which require a bit of land management as creating one type of biome destroys the surrounding land for other biomes.

The demo took me 40 minutes to complete. If the game only has ten levels, that’s 6 hours at least of content. And there is minimal waiting around. The only time I sat waiting is when I needed it to rain to fill empty river beds. And I’m pretty sure I was doing it inefficiently.

Terra Nil Release Date

As of September 2022, the release date for Terra Nil is early 2023. This leaves me plenty of time to get all the Cities: Skylines DLC and play until it gets boring.

What We Have to Look Forward To

There are more regions to explore and un-build. From the Steam store city and polar regions have been announced which may have their own challenges for you to overcome. Especially if there is a lack of readily available water