Emberbane Preview

Preview: Emberbane A Great Looking Side Scroller

I recently received an email from a developer (Hamlet Games) showcasing their new game called Emberbane and I had to take a look. The gameplay is inspired by Avatar: The Last Airbender. A TV series that I once reviewed on an old blog that I no longer maintain:


My relationship with side scrollers is spotty, to say the least. However, if the game offers anything outside of the box I’m all for it. Emberbane may be a 2D Scroller with pixel art. But the animations of the main character’s moves are fluid and really make this title stand out. In one clip the main character is using her own fire power to create platforms she can run across while doing flips and jumps.

The character herself is also rendered with a lot of detail much more than I would expect for a pixel art game. Talking of the main character there is narration during the trailer which shows it will possibly have a deep story. There is even a mini-training montage with a dummy which always sets up a game for epic encounters.

The music is beautifully orchestrated from what is shown in the trailer. And if that high-quality score continues into the game. I really am looking forward to playing it.

There is currently no release date, but here is the Kickstarter link so you can be notified as soon as the game is released.