PlayStation Vita Backlog

PlayStation Vita Backlog Challenge

My PlayStation Vita backlog has been gathering dust up until now. I’ve decided as a challenge to complete as much of my backlog on the Vita as I can by the end of the year. However, I have run into a few pitfalls.

The PlayStation Store

The first obstacle to my PlayStation Vita Backlog is that buying games were relatively quite easy, though it is no longer possible. The real issue I have with the store is that downloading games you own are not as easy as it should be.

You can see all the games you have bought, not just for the Vita but also for the PlayStation 3. This makes the list very long if you were mainly playing PlayStation 3 back in the day.

This wouldn’t be so much of a problem if you could select all the games you wanted to download and then bulk download. No, you have to select each one individually. Wait for the download to start, then the list goes back to the beginning and you have to start again.

The other issue is that the download speeds are pretty poor. Even PS1 titles which are barely into the 100mbs take ages to download. But these downloads can be run in the background so that is one blessing. I have no idea the numbers yet that I have in my PlayStation Vita backlog but its going to take ages to download nonetheless.


Another issue with my PlayStation Vita backlog is the home screen. Sony was trying to model it on a smartphone interface. Which would be fine if executed properly. But it is missing key features.

There is no search function, so if you have loads of games on your Vita, it will take you a while to find them especially if you haven’t organized them using folders.

If you delete a game, the other icons for installed games won’t automatically replace the spot the deleted game took. This leaves huge gaps and multiple unneeded extra pages.

PlayStation Vita Backlog Home-page

My recommendation is to sort them into folders using your preferred organization. Personally, I use each folder as a letter of the alphabet. If any of the folders get too big, I then move the series to their own folders.

The worst part is, is that the PSP had a beautiful and very efficient home screen. It would list any downloads in alphabetical order so was very quick to find the game you want to play. It could also work very well with a touchscreen.


The PlayStation Vita only accepts special Vita memory cards. This wouldn’t be a huge issue if they were priced well. But they are very expensive and have even gone up in price due to no longer being manufactured.

The only option is to have multiple memory cards or limit what you download. Since I’m trying to complete my backlog. I’ll have to do some wizardry to try and get as many as I can on the memory card.

There are ways around this, however, this could void the warranty. Or get your Sony Network profile banned. Losing £100s worth of games in the process. It really isn’t worth the risk.

The Games

So below is the PlayStation Vita backlog that I will be working through in alphabetical order. I’ve already started Final Fantasy VII so that will be the first game that I will complete. The below table will be updated as and when I’ve completed the games.

Some of these games I have already completed before, but I have either forgotten about them. Or really fancy playing them again. I won’t force my way through a game if I don’t enjoy it.

Keep an eye on this post, as it may expand with more of my Vita favorites.


  • Not Started: Not started this year’s playthrough.
  • Progressing: Started this year’s playthrough.
  • Paused: Taking a break.
  • Lost Save: Moving from memory card, save game got deleted.

Table of Games

NameCompletion StatusCompletion DateCompletedReview
Metal Gear Solid: Peace WalkerCompleted8th August 2022YesClick Here
Final Fantasy VIINot Started
Persona 4: Golden
Disgaea 2
Assassin’s Creed 3 Liberation
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth
Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth Hacker’s Memory
Final Fantasy VIII
Need for Speed: Most Wanted
God Eater 2Click Here

So that is a summary of my PlayStation Vita backlog and the issues I face. I will keep this post updated with news and progress as well as links to guides and reviews that I make for each one. Wish me luck.


14th July 2022Project PlayStation Vita Backlog begins.
08th August 2022Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker completed.