Cities Skylines Meets Medieval Dynasty: New Home: Medieval Village

As much as I love Cities Skylines, it gets boring once you get past a certain point. Even with mods, the majority of the game follows the same pattern. Plus there’s the whole traffic issue to resolve. Then there is Medieval Dynasty, build your own village and watch it grow. But even that means a lot of micromanagement to get started. Enter New Home: Medieval Village

A city builder but instead of being in the present era, it focuses on the Medieval period. It’s a unique perspective that has been tried with games like Banished but compared to Cities: Skylines it was way too hard.

From the look of things, it looks very interesting and includes the zoning features of other games. Currently, the footage is from the current build so should change and improve as time goes on. I’ve seen quite a lot of feedback from testers, but no idea if it’s being picked up on.

Its scheduled release is on the 14th January 2022, so I’m looking forward to getting around to play it…as long as I complete F1 2021.