Need Some Prison Architect Tips?

So you’ve become a Prison Architect? Welcome to the fun world of managing both inmates and staff. Sometimes the inmates are easier to work with than the staff. Here are some tips for your new adventure.

Room Sizes

Most rooms require at least 5×5 squares to function correctly. This means your foundations should be 7×7 to include the walls. I would recommend using this size for almost all rooms. The only exceptions would be the cells for the prisoners. For them, you can get away with 4×5.

Grant me my wish

Grants are an easy way to secure funds. They also offer a guiding light if you ever get stuck on what to do next. Though towards the end of the game, you can ignore them to build your dream (or nightmare) prison. To apply for grants:

Click the reports button on the bottom right corner of the screen.

On the report that appears, click on the tab called Grants

Move your mouse over each grant to see what you need to do. Click the grant you want to apply for.

Each grant gives you capital upfront and then rewards you with more capital once completed. The only exception to the rule is the investments. These you have to pay for and should expect a small return after a specific amount of time. At the start, you can only accept two. But use bureaucracy to gain access to three at a time.

Deploy the Clones

We can find a useful tool in the Quick Build menu. The blue icon shown below gives you access to the clone tool. To use it, follow these instructions:

Select the Quick Build option

Select the clone type

Now whenever you left-click with the clone tool, it will set down a template that the builders will install.

To change the area, you clone, repeat steps 2 – 3.

This is especially useful if you have created the ultimate cell for your prisoners. You can copy and paste it repeatedly without going through the tiresome job of placing each object again and again.

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