Metal Gear Solid 6, How the Phenomenal Series Could Return

Metal Gear Solid 6 is a far-off dream. It is unlikely to happen due to Konami taking a back seat in home gaming. As well as the break-up between Konami and Kojima. But what if? The stars align and Kojima and Konami struck a deal. I do wonder if he would ever jump for the opportunity.

Here are five features that I wish the next game would have.

Metal Gear and Metal Gear 2

Before Metal Gear Solid hit the shelves, there were two previous games. Both focused on Solid Snake taking on the Big Boss. With Solid Snake in the prime of his life. While Big Boss is slowly coming out of his own prime. 

The 6th game could be a retelling of these events. Starting with the creation of the clones and the events that transpire in Solid Snake’s early life. The battle between these two would be huge. Especially if they both use CQC which was a great system in MGS 3. 6 could hint that Big Boss isn’t the bad guy he’s made out to be.

With the ending sequence being Motherbase burning, and Solid Snakestarting to question his allegiance.

The Boss and the Cobras

We’ve explored the story of Big Boss, Solid Snake and Raiden. But it would be interesting to play as The Boss in Metal Gear Solid 6. Especially during World War 2. The Boss and the Cobras led the Allies to win the battle of Normandy. 

During this time seeing how she became the top agent of the USA. Seeing her love for Sorrow blossom until that fateful day. Fleshing out the story of each of the Cobra members. So that when you replay Metal Gear Solid 3, you feel awful for it.

Seeing each member evolve from being very normal average soldiers. To the elite fighting force, they were during Metal Gear Solid 3. With them being undefeatable when fighting alongside each other,

The sad reality is that it is unlikely that we would play as The Boss. There would be backlash from fans of the series since she isn’t a Snake. But it would certainly be an interesting route to go down.

The Future

By the end of Metal Gear Solid 4, all of the Snake clones and Big Boss are dead or dying. This leaves Otacon to raise Suni himself and no grand heroes to fight against evil. The Patriots and their system are dead so really there is no need for any heroes?

Metal Gear Solid 6 could see the collapse of the PMCs would result in a power vacuum. And anyone with a power-hungry ego would want to take that power for themselves.

Raiden, now going by Snake or some grandiose name, has to establish a new PMC to prevent all-out war. It would have the base-building gameplay of MGS: Peace Walker and MGSV. 

And who would the big-bad be? Well, a Snake of course. There would be plenty of DNA leftover to create a new Big Boss. But with the need to control the world.

Venom Snake

Venom Snake is a troubled man. If you haven’t played MGSV look away now. 

It would be interesting to see how his life starts to unravel between the events of MGSV and Metal Gear 2. Both Big Bosses become weaker through age and have to lead their respective Motherbases while hiding the fact their old. With you either taking the role of Venom or his subordinate in Metal Gear Solid 6.

Metal Gear Solid 6 - Peace Walker cover art with Naked Snake
Peace Walker

Imagine doing missions, building up the Motherbase and then hearing your hero, Big Boss has been killed. Then watching as your own base is torn apart by a young upstart. Seeing members of your close circle be killed. Learning it’s your hero’s killer. Facing him down and losing. It would make for a dramatic ending.

A Lost Clone

There is potential for another clone to have survived. Maybe he was in a deep freeze during the events up until MGS4. And he gets awakened in Metal Gear Solid 6.

The player then gets to make moral decisions about whether he will follow the footsteps of Big Boss and Solid Snake in allowing everyone to have their freedom. Or will you be more like Liquid and the Patriots needing to have total control over everything?

Depending on which side you pick, will provide you with a completely different story. With a different end game boss to defeat. 

Metal Gear Solid 6 is There Any Hope?

It is unlikely that Metal Gear Solid 6 will ever happen. With Hideo Kojima constantly saying each game will be the last. With the split of Kojima and Konami, it does look like MGSV is the last canon game in the series. What makes it worse is that the older games are becoming increasingly more difficult to play due to ageing technology.

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So what would you like to see if the next instalment was planned? Or would you leave it as it is? Or tighten up the story so it all makes sense?