Minecraft Medieval Builds

How To Build a Complete Medieval Village in Minecraft

Minecraft is still a great game to play. Very few games allow you to have creative freedom. After getting the game pass, I decided to boot up the game after a few years of absence. It has changed so much since Microsoft had taken over the development of the title. There are a huge array of blocks that are now available for the base game. Even more, if you consider the various content packs. So here are some Minecraft Builds.

In this series, I’m going to be building various themes using only the blocks available in the base game. It will show you how to make buildings more interesting. As well as hopefully give you some ideas on your own creations. If you are an avid builder, don’t hesitate to reach out and I can showcase these in a future post.

Basic Minecraft Builds

Before getting started. It’s a good idea to get familiar with the blocks at your disposal. If you are plying on creative, you will have access to the full range of blocks and unlimited quantity. If you are playing Survival then you will be limited to the blocks around you.

Generally, you should be playing creative mode when building large buildings with intricate details. But, if you enjoy the challenge there is no reason not to try it in Survival. The builds I’m doing will be created in creative. I may do a survival build guide on another post.

Make Walls Interesting

Walls are the simplest creations you can build. Yet, they can look pretty boring and not very interesting. There are a number of ways to make the walls look more interesting. One way of doing this is to vary the type of block used. In the below image, I’ve combines stones blocks with wood planks as borders:

A wall built with stone and wooden blocks to make it more interesting.

Another way to make the walls more interesting is to make them less two dimensional. This is especially true for castles, mansions and other historic buildings. The best block for this is the stair blocks. These can help create archways in front of the main wall. See below as an exampe:

A 3D Wall

These are just a few of the ways to make your builds more interesting. Now on to the showcase.

The Minecraft Builds

This time around I’m going to be showcasing some Medieval homes. I was inspired by Medieval Dynasty.

A Home

I decided to make a 2 story home for the average person to live in. I kept it very simple. Four large walls with three rooms internally including an attic. I used a combination of Stone bricks and wooden planks. It doesn’t take long to make and could be made in survival. I haven’t yet, but I would kit it out with all the basics you need for survival mode

This is a very basic build, which took me very little time to construct. Easily doable in Survival mode.


For the urban civilians who have a bit more money than the poor. They lived in big townhouses. The issue I had with this build is that wood supports in real life are too frequent. So I had to compromise with this design to make it aesthetically pleasing. When you try to be true to real life in Minecraft it doesn’t always look the best:

Final Words

Trying to create real-life buildings in Minecraft can be difficult. If it isn’t impossible it comes out pretty ugly. So the best way to get the most out of Minecraft is to take creative liberties. I will plan on doing a few more builds in the coming weeks.

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