Yu-Gi-Oh! Passing of Kazuki

Kazuki Takahashi, The Inspiring Yu-Gi-Oh Creator has Passed Away Aged 60

One of the saddest parts of growing up is realizing your heroes are not immortal. Kazuki Takahashi is one such hero. In the past 10 years we have lost many creators/actors/musicians and a few of these have hit home.


Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime
Yu-Gi-Oh! Anime

Back in Middle School, which for me was the early 00s. Pokémon trading cards had lost their spark and a new IP needed to take it’s place. Cue Yu-Gi-Oh. Created by Kazuki Takahashi it was a gateway to the world of trading card games.

I remember at lunch times having battles with friends while ignoring certain rules to my advantage. As well as coming home to watch the Anime series. It was one of my favorite memories and it was the first trading card game I could afford.

The Legend Passes

Like so many of these worlds, as children you don’t know who created the game. Which sadly for me lasted until yesterday when I found out reading this article. Kazuki Takahashi was a manga artist and a game creator. Out of all his work, he was best known for Yu-Gi-Oh!

Kazuki Takashi was a well read artist, being influenced by both Japanese Manga as well as American comic books. His favorite comic from the west was Hellboy.

Not a lot is known about his passing currently, apart from that he was found dead on July 6. 2022. Off the shore of Nago, Okinawa by the local coast guard. This is currently under investigation.


Kazuki Takahashi

Kazuki Takashi leaves behind Yu-Gi-Oh! as his legacy. A game that I am sure will be continued to be played by children and adults alike for many many years to come. I haven’t watched the Anime in years, but it is also going strong and I hope it also continues.

He brought immense fun into other peoples life and I hope he knew the impact he had on a little 12 year old boy. Who is now all grown up and loving Manga, Anime and trading card games due to his work.

The Heart of the cards will always be with us.