How to Start a Useful Medieval Dynasty Farm

A Medieval Dynasty Farm makes it easier to sustain your character as well as your settlers. The crops will take a couple of days to mature before being able to cultivate. Which makes it more time consuming than hunting. But once setup, it provides a consistent amount of output. Without you having to scavenge in the local area or pay for food from local vendors. It takes very little skill and luck to complete but to get started isn’t very obvious.

Press Q, then click on buildings>Farming>Field Option. A green or red column will appear in game. Red means you can’t place the plot. Move until it turns green then left click. Now you can drag the column to create plots. Stretch it as far as you can before left clicking again. Next equip a stone hoe and plough each square.

Next equip a bag, right click select crop then fertilizer. Fertilize all squares. Equip your wooden hoe again and plough the fields again. Finally re-equip the bag and right click. Select crop, then the crop you need. Then using the bag plant your seeds in all squares. Wait until the season it matures (Usually 2 seasons later). Depending on the crop you will either need to pull up the crop or used the scythe to reap the crop.

Tools Required for a Medieval Dynasty Farm

Below are the tools required to make a successful farm. As well as how to source them:

ThumbnailItem NameDescription
Wooden HoeThese are very easy to source, all you need is a log and 5 sticks.
Simple BagYou need 3 leathers to craft. Leathers can be obtained by either hunting deer or boar. Or by buying from a hunter. You can buy ready-made bag from vendors.
SickleOnly needed for flax and wheat. These can be bought at vendors. Or if you have 50 technology points in Production. They can be crafted using a smithy. You will need 4 sticks and 4 stones.
The start of a Medieval Dynasty Farm
The start of a Medieval Dynasty Farm


Make sure you have all the above tools before getting started.

  1. Find a flat area of land near your settlement.
  2. Open the craft menu by pressing Q.
  3. Select buildings>Farm>Land.
  4. A post will appear which will either be:
    1. Red, move it around until its green
    2. Green, click left mouse button and move until it’s the required size.
  5. Click left mouse button again.
  6. Select your wooden hoe
  7. Aim for one of the plots of land
  8. Left click to plough the field
  9. Do this for all plots of farm land
  10. Next equip your simple bag
  11. Right click select plant
  12. Then select fertilizer
  13. Aim at a plot of ploughed farm land
  14. Left click on farm land to fertilize it
  15. Do this for all plots of farm land
  16. Next equip wooden hoe
  17. Again plough all farmland plots.
  18. Finally select bag
  19. right click then select plant
  20. then select the crop you want to plant
  21. aim at a plot and left click to distribute seeds
  22. Do this for all plots of farmland.

Now all you have to do is wait for two seasons to pass and then you will have a field full of crops. Most can be cultivated by hand. But grain and flax require a sickle/scythe.

That’s it you now have a steady source of food that can be used once grown. It becomes far less of a hassle once you have workers to do this all for you.

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