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Eidos Montreal New Living Conditions Strategy

Eidos Montreal is trying to buck the trend of game developer work place woes. By coming up with a strategy that is more in-tuned with its employees. Hopefully paving the way for other developers to follow suit.

The big news is out! Eidos-Montreal and Eidos-Sherbrooke will switch to the 4-day work week.

David Anfossi (Head of Studio) https://bit.ly/2YJwLtb

A four-day work week, it’s the stuff of legend. This has piqued my interest in looking at how employees view their employers. I will also look at other companies and their reputation.

Data Source

So, it is very difficult to get stories on companies unless they have a crisis or controversy. Eidos doesn’t seem to have much of either and has been running in the background. The only useful data source I could find was glassdoors.com. This is where current and former employees can rate their employer. It is important to understand that people rarely leave reviews unless they receive bad or very good treatment. Or employees may be ‘bribed’ to write on there. This is a disclaimer I am not claiming Eidos nor any of the other companies I will look at have done this. But it is worth keeping in mind.

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Eidos Montreal is a developer of titles such as Marvel’s Avengers and the Deus Ex series. They have been active since 2007. Square Enix owns the company. The total number of employees is around 500. They are a huge employer and the industry respect them.


From the Glass Door website, there were many different pros and cons. But generally, the feedback is positive. One employee said, “Crunch time means a heighten level of work needed, but that is normal in any business.” This seems to be the common theme among developers. Another issue is “The Salary isn(‘)t that great” with others stating it’s below the market average.

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Now the pros Three employees said, “Free fruits every day, not just apples, but a bunch of strawberries, mangoes, bananas, blueberries, and so on.” This is a very weird but nice perk; I wouldn’t turn it down. Others also said the work-life balance is good. But this is often countered by others.

Eidos Montreal Final Thoughts

I would love to see what it is like first-hand. My dream was to be a developer and Eidos Montreal is one of the good ones. I hope other developers take note and start adding more perks. If you are interested in a career in video game development click here.


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