Is It Worth Playing Disgaea 1: Complete?

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An RPG with a wide range of characters. I’ve played other instalments in this series. What I enjoyed most was the variety of classes that are available. Disgaea 1: Complete does not disappoint. There are tens of different classes that you can utilise to beat your opponents.
Disgaea 1 Complete released on PlayStation 4, Android, Nintendo Switch. I’m reviewing the Switch version, but there is no difference between platforms.

Disgaea 1: Complete Plot

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Disgaea 1* follows the story of Prince Laharl. The son of the former King of the Underworld. The Prince wakes up from a long slumber to find his father murdered. Prince Laharl must defeat other Demons who want to take the crown for themselves. Along the way, the Prince encounters various characters. Who are either against him or support him.

Disgaea 1: Complete Game play

The best aspect is the class system. There is a huge variety of classes. These include humanoid classes and different enemy species. As you level up a character they will gain stat bonuses and new moves. When a human character has levelled up a specific amount in one class, it unlocks a stronger class.

If you raise a character’s rank at the Demon assembly they can Transmigrate into the new class. The benefit of this is that the character will inherit any moves learnt and will also have greater stats. I wish I had learnt this earlier on, so as not to waste so many characters.

Not only can you get access to higher-level classes. But also new classes if you meet the requirements.
The combat phases are on a 3D field. It’s turn-based combat, during each character’s turn they can move on the grid a specific number of squares. Then they can use a move to damage their opponents. It makes the combat more enjoyable than the standard JRPG.

Disgaea 1: Complete Presentation

The graphics are anime-style, which makes them optimal for the Switch. The colours are bright. The characters shine through with their appearance. Environments are many and detailed.
When you progress the story far enough you unlock a group of levels called the Prinny’s world. This is where the lack of audio samples start to feel repetitive. It is full of characters who have the same tracks, within their first turn you’ll have to resort to muting the game. But, outside of this level, it is far less repetitive. make sure you have it on mute when you begin to power level.

Disgaea 1: Complete Replayability

There is a lot of end game content for this title. You can also upgrade items by taking part in the Item Worlds. These Item worlds are a series of battles. When you complete the battles the item levels up their stats.
Another reason to continue playing after the end of the campaign is to unlock all classes. To unlock the final class, you need to level up each class to 200. This will take a lot of time and will outlast the main campaign.

Final Verdict

For the gamers that like to create their own team. Disgaea 1 is a no-brainer. Each sequel has improved on the formula. The Complete is a great remaster that any fan of JRPGs should play. If you can play it on the go on the Nintendo Switch it’s even more enjoyable. Disgaea 1: Complete Edition received an 8/10.

Another JRPG worth playing is Final Fantasy X. But the Disgaea series is pretty close.