Cities Skylines 2

Cities Skylines 2 Top 5 Wanted Features

Cities Skylines has been around 7 years. It is time to look forward to the possibility of a Cities Skylines 2 release date.

Currently, there are no concrete sources that show that it is even in the works. But here are 5 features I would love to see if we ever get a Cities Skylines 2.

Neighbour Cities

Cities Skylines 2: Regions in SimCity 4
The huge SimCity 4 regions.

In Sim City 4, your city didn’t exist on its own. You could build other cities across the current region. You could then specialize in each city.

So one city could be solely created for residential zoning. While another city could be built as an industrial hub. This meant that the cities you built wouldn’t be carbon copies of each other.

In Cities: XXL, this was taken further. Your city would produce and consume various resources.

You could then focus on increasing resource production in one area and spending the surplus points on any resource you lacked.

This feature would work well in Cities Skylines as each city has a limited amount of resources on each map. And would keep the game fresh as you’ll be focusing on more than one city at a time.

An Undo Button

Cities Skylines 2 Undo button
If only this was included in vanilla.

Cities Skylines mods are huge. There is a vast amount of them, but the most useful one is the undo button.

If you destroyed areas that you shouldn’t have. Or made a design choice that wasn’t panning the way you wanted to. A undo button would make the sequel a more pleasant experience.

In standard play, this shouldn’t come with a cost. But on a more difficult mode, it should have a price on top of it. A percentage of the original cost of construction.

An Overview UI Feature

The one issue I have with the interface is that you have to go through loads of screens to get an overview of the city’s condition.

It would be helpful when you load into a city, you have a pop-up with various useful metrics. Such as population happiness levels, and road network conditions.

This would also be helpful the game had any online services. If these impact your game in any way then the overview will show how. With options to allow the changes or not.

Want to see Cities Skylines but in Medieval times?

It could also include notes created by the player to remind them what to do next or what they were working on previously.

Currently, there are Cities Skylines mods that have a similar feature but it would be beneficial to get an official interface for this.

More Biomes

A Huge Swamp
A Huge Swamp – Photo by Pok Rie from Pexels:

Cities Skylines 2 needs to include other biomes than just green areas. The base game needs to include deserts, swamp land, and even dense forests.

These will increase the variability of the buildings that are built on zoned land. Some biomes need additional service buildings to keep everything safe.

You would then have the choice of the buildings using the current biome. Or by spending more funds, eradicate the biome’s hazards and replace it with the standard biome.

Cities Skylines 2 Multiplayer

Finally, Cities Skylines 2 needs some form of multiplayer option.

Utilizing the neighbour mechanic, each player builds their own city. While supplying and feeding on global resources.

The only problem is deciding what to do with cities while their owners are away. Will they continuously run which could have negative consequences if left in a dire situation.

Or could the cities go into hibernation mode? Where they still supply the other cities around them. As well as demand resources. But any negative effects are paused until the owner returns.

It would also be interesting to have online services such as special events throughout the year. Competitions where you have to build cities under strict guidelines. With winners winning a range of prizes.

But if it does go down the online route. The game must be playable offline. And, we should also have the option of peer-to-peer gaming in case the service goes down or is discontinued.

We have yet to hear of Cities Skylines 2 and there may be a good reason. The biggest hurdle Cities Skylines 2 faces is Cities Skylines.

Cities Skylines is dominating the city building market. With a few indie developers carving a small piece out of the metaphorical pie.

For Cities Skylines 2 to be successful it needs to come out with features that the original doesn’t have. Or massive improvements on the ones it did have.

Cities Skylines has a lot of DLC which is continuously extending the life of the original game. The developers may be using this to give them some much-needed breathing space before having to work on the new game.

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