About Me

Hi my name is Brendan. I am an avid gamer. Who enjoys almost all genres of video games. Ranging from RPGs to Racing, Simulation to Sports.

I first started gaming when I was almost 3. With my go-to game being Alex the Kidd. I progressed to Sonic. And thanks to my dad’s love of technology I continued gaming right up until now (Early 30s).

In recent years, I have become a dad to my son. Who has brought with him lots of fun and excitement. But unfortunately not a lot of time gaming. He is already showing a keen interest in gaming. Watching me play Final Fantasy 12 and loves racing.

In this blog I’ll be focusing on the games that have taken up my little gaming time and whether they are worthwhile investing time in. Or if they can be pushed back into your gaming backlog.

Influential Games

There are a number of games that have influenced my life in one way or the other. Sonic the Hedgehog was my favourite mascot during the Nintendo vs Sega war. On PlayStation I loved Syphon Filter and Metal Gear Solid.

My love for Metal Gear Solid has spanned multiple generations and the epic-ness of that title cannot be understated. Hopefully one day in the future we will get a Hideo Kojima approved title.

Final Fantasy X was my go-to game during the PlayStation 2 era, closely followed by Final Fantasy 12. Both games had grand scale and brilliant storylines. Though I have only recently completed Final Fantasy 12.

The Batman: Arkham series is my favourite series from the last two generations. To the point where I ended up buying loads of comics and getting into the graphic novel scene.

That’s All Folks

This website will provide news, reviews and guides into my favorite games. And why you should play them.

If you wish to reach out to me either for guest posting or game reviews my email address is gamesmix.website(at)gmail.com. Replace the (at) with the ‘@’ symbol. (This is to stop spam emails).