A New Cities Skylines Airport Expansion

Cities Skylines had an array of expansions for the player to expand their experience. My favourite at the moment is the Park Expansion which lets the player build more elaborate parks. Paradox Interactive has recently announced the next paid Expansion Pack: Cities Skylines Airports.

What to Expect?

We don’t know a lot about the expansion apart from its focus is on airports. The developers have ignored this area throughout the life of Cities Skylines. Even with the Mass Transit DLC, they didn’t change airports. Which seems like it was the plan all along.

From previous DLCs, I believe they will give airports their own district option like parks and industries had in their own respective DLCs. From there, they will give you a few building options. Then once you hit a milestone, you will unlock more buildings to further improve your airport. The interesting aspect is, will they have different airports and what will they be? With parks, industries and Universities it’s being expected that they have different specialisations. But how will they do this for airports? The only way I can think of is being a passenger or cargo specialised. But I look forward to seeing what they come up with.

What the Fans Want

After Sunset Harbour, many fans expected the next big announcement to be Cities Skylines 2. Cities Skylines is now over 6 years old now and are long overdue for some major upgrades. Even with beefier PCs, the game still takes ages to load and upgrades to your system don’t impact load times. The graphics are becoming dated. But there is no competition in sight. Even Simcity, the daddy of the genre, has disappeared into the history books.

Hopefully, this DLC won’t be as lacklustre as the previous DLC and can breathe new life into the game. Especially while we wait for the sequel. Airports is expected to be released on 25th January 2022. As long as Paradox and Colossal Order don’t run into developer hell. Since most of the industry seems to struggle with this.

Final Words

I’m looking forward to a new experience, but I probably won’t be picking this on day one. There are many games I am looking forward to in the new year, and I can put off this expansion until it goes on offer. But I will monitor gameplay videos and if I like what I see, I will buy it.