My Top 5 Wishes for the New Saints Row

On Friday, the Saints Row Facebook page posted the below:

Saints Row Reboot
Saints Row Facebook Page

So it will be a reboot of the series. There are very few details at the minute but I cannot wait to play it. Especially considering I’ve completed every entry to the series. Unlike the GTA franchise. So below is five things I would like to see in the next instalment.

1. New Playable Character Saints Row

Saints Row The Third: Chatting

One idea is to keep the history of the Saints and introduce a new playable character. You start as a lowly henchman of the Saints. and you make your way up the food chain. By the end of the story, you become second in command, reporting to the boss. The boss was the main playable character in the other four games. The sequels to this new series could lead you to take over other cities on behalf of the Saints. By the final sequel, the boss is out to get you and you murder him in the most dramatic way.

2. Strongholds in Saints Row

In Saints The Third you had access to a stronghold. Which you could upgrade. If the new game could expand on this so that you have full customisation of one or more bases. You decide what the base is. Which will benefit you and the gang in many ways. If there is more than one base, you can then either diversify into different areas. Or go all in one criminal activity. Depending on what you choose will have an impact on many elements.

3. Taking Down The Saints

To kick start the reboot, have your character in the police force or a rival gang and take down the Saints at the beginning of the game. You then have a choice to either kill the boss or keep him alive which will completely change the story depending on the decision.

Keeping the boss alive and getting others to join your gang becomes easier, but both the police and other gangs will hunt you down and will have more resources as they work together to bring you down. Or if you kill him, the police and gangs will ignore you until you amass enough power. However, trying to recruit will be much harder and you won’t have as much advice, probably the best mode for a second play through.

4. More Cities

Allow you to travel to Stillwater and Steelport, as you try to take over both simultaneously each city is geared towards a different criminal activity and by being tactical you can minimise the amount of backlash you have. Introduce a new city that has already been taken over completely by a rival gang and fight to bring it under your control.

5. Takeovers

Have the other rival gangs more interactive, when you have taken over their territory have them come back and fight to retake it. The only issue is not to have this event pop up too often otherwise it can get rather annoying. Also have more interactivity with the other gangs, rather than having to kill gang leaders, convince their followers to join your cause and so they lose reputation until they have to give and either join you, be killed or be banished from your lands

Final Thoughts

I’m really looking forward to seeing what they reveal and hope it’s a mainline game rather than another spin-off. What are you hoping to see in the next game?


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