Games to Look Forward to in 2022

We are already in November, this year has gone by too fast. COVID hasn’t left us but life seems to be heading back to normal. I’ve played a vast amount of games this year. Many of which are not genres I would normally play.

So here are the games to look forward to in 2022. A lot of games have been pushed back to 2022 that were meant for 2021. Even so, this year we have had plenty of good news. So let’s take a look at the games I am looking forward to playing.

Suicide Squad, Kill The Justice League

Suicide Squad Game - 2022

Developed by the same team that developed the Arkham games. This time around you take control of the Suicide Squad. I loved the Arkham games and have replayed them countless times. It will be good to see how they handle a team of characters interacting with each other during their mission. Which is killing the Justice League no less.

From the trailer, it looks as though Superman has gone rogue. It may be linked to the Injustice game/comics where he goes on a rampage on defeating crime and establishing order. Killing is not off the table and the Justice League is split up. Superman vs Batman. It will be awesome to see how they implement superhumans into the Arkham-verse. The only issue is the Joker is already dead, so what caused the meltdown of the brave Superman. This is my biggest want of games to look forward to in 2022.

Tiny Tina’s Wonderlands

Tiny Tina Wonderlands

Borderlands 3 was a disappointment. It didn’t feel like a Borderlands game and it was missing great storytelling that Borderlands is remembered for. It looks like the developers have tried to approach the next title in a different way.

In Borderlands 2, there was a DLC called Tiny Tina’s Assault on Dragon Keep. It was a parody of Dungeons and Dragons. It was brilliant and integrating guns with a fantasy setting really worked. So for Wonderlands, they are making Tiny Tina central to the plot. A great and funny character that stood out amongst the other characters. Though she was a bit meh in BL 3.

It looks exciting with many different worlds to explore tied into various different themes. Which Borderlands 2 excelled in. This may be a day one purchase, though I won’t be paying over £60 for the limited edition.

Horizon Forbidden West

Horizon Forbidden West

Another one of my games to look forward to in 2022 is the long-awaited sequel to Horizon Zero Dawn. I loved the original and played so much of it. I even completed the trophies. Though I didn’t bother with the DLC as I was burnt out by then.

This time Aloy is sent on a mission to the Forbidden West. There is a plague (great timing) that kills anyone who contracts it. She is tasked with putting an end to it which doesn’t seem like an easy task.

Horizon Zero Dawn revealed the past and why everything has gone to pot. It also explained Aloy’s strange background which made her unique compared to others. There was plenty of hunting which I can only imagine will be part of the sequel. But there seem to be more underwater hunts that look interesting.

This won’t be a day one purchase, I’ll wait to see what the reviews are like and if it is any good I’ll purchase it before it goes on discount. I may boot up the original and complete the DLC at some point.

Saints Row

Saints Row Reboot

Saints Row has now been confirmed that it will be rebooted. I loved the first two games in the main series. 3 and 4 were okay. The other games I never bothered to play. I had fun memories of playing the various multiplayer modes on Saints Row in the early days of the Xbox 360. Hoping this title will bring back the quality I’ve come to expect.

It sucks in a way that we have to say goodbye to the boss (player character) and start afresh. But the series needed it after the last few iterations. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what they do with the series.

Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown

Test Drive Unlimited

A Test Drive Unlimited game is in the works. I played the first two many years ago. They scratched the itch that Forza Horizon is currently fulfilling. The two series are very similar with the latter being the spiritual successor.

They now have competition in their own niche. So hopefully this results in a higher quality game. I tried going back to the first one in the series and I can’t believe how poor the graphics were. The image above gives me hope of better graphics but nothing else is really known.

Cities Skylines Airports

Cities Skylines Airports

Though not a full title, Cities Skylines’ expansion pack, Airports, releases early next year. The main focus is, you guessed it, airports. This is an area that has been neglected since the game’s release in 2015. To check out my full opinion on this expansion, click here

The Games 2022

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Nothing released in 2021 was worth a day one purchase from my point of view. But, 2022 does look like there are at least a few titles to look forward to. There is also DLC for MH Rise that I cannot wait to play. The standard game felt like it was missing a lot of content. Fingers crossed the DLC completes the game.

So what are you looking forward to playing next year?